Home Care Management Software

IT Solutions for Care at Home Agencies.

West30 provide Home Care Management Software, Care Agency websites and outsource IT services to the 'Care at Home' sector. Based in Manchester, we work with Care Agencies to ensure they get the a bespoke management system that's right for them.

We help the Care at Home sector by providing care managers with easy to use Homecare Management Software.


  • - Bespoke white lable system designed for your agency.
  • - Onsite implementiation, training and support.
  • - Web application - no downloads or client installation.
  • - Replace paper-based systems with customised task lists and care plan scheduling.
  • - Improve security by carers not having to carry round sensitive client files.
  • - Track task completion, medication reports and appointment history.
  • - Auditable carer messaging system.
  • - Easy invoicing, payroll, mileage calculations, care planning and scheduling.
  • - Automatically updated schedules - no need to email carers.
  • - Instant communication between management, carers and clients.

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  • Bespoke Software Development

    We don't try to make you fit our software, we tailor our software to fit you. We research how your care agency operates and ensure your management software is made to measure.

  • Scheduling

    Simplified availability-based scheduling and appointment generation. Appointment calendar & agenda views.

  • Websites

    Optimised websites attract both clients and carers. Recruitment is on going for many Care Agencies, make the most of your online presence to help carers and clients find your agency.

  • Business IT Support

    Office setup - IT cost reduction - Technology troubleshooting - IT purchasing advice - Software & Hardware.

Case Study - Deckchair Care Ltd

Deckchair Care are based in Cheshire (Gatley) and have been operational since 2017. Recently reviewed by the CQC as being 'Good' in all areas, West30 have been helping Deckchair across all of their IT systems.

The main service is the 'Care Portal' that was customised and branded to manage scheduling, invoicing and communication. Deckchair Care allow their clients access to the portal so they receive alerts and can access carer notes. It's proving to be very popular with both clients and carers.

West30 have also developed the main Deckchair Website, and maintain the blog and optimised care recruitment pages. We also advise on IT purchasing and ensure value for money.

"We are really happy with West30 and especially the Homecare Management Software. You can see from our Google reviews and CQC report just how important our Care Portal is in helping us provide a fantastic service." - Charlotte, Owner and Registered Care Manager - Deckchair Care.

Home technology for the Elderly

West30 are also actively involved in helping the elderly adopt new technology. This includes installing broadband or 4G internet; sourcing great value hardware and smart devices so people can stay connected with friends and family online.

We also help set up online grocery shopping and other online services. Our aim is that people help themselves more, remain independent and feel less isolated.

Innovation in home technology means we can also help people benefit from voice controlled devices and personal assistants. For example we set up smart homes that can turn on devices, provide better security, efficient heating and entertainment.

Getting Started - Home Care Management Software

Our process starts by visiting your agency to meet you and your admin team. We investigate how your home care agency works and demonstrate the existing functionallity of our core system.

We work out which tasks are currently taking the most time, and identify what we need to do to make running your care agency easier. We then design and propose a system and - assuming you are ok with the costs and timescales - we come back to explain how it will all work.

Our proposals include fixed costs and timescales to get your new care agency management systems developed and implemented.

Prices for a bespoke system start from £500. Monthly hosting and support costs between £250-£500pm.

The off the shelf system is free for up to 10 clients with no set up costs.